My 2017 And 2018

For Future

Beijing's smog and high house price are not a good situation for me. I think I have to do some change. I can't stay here in the future. I got a job addressed in Chongqing as senior front-end development engineer. Chongqing is a mountain city and I love it. The company is about financial asserts exchanging. It's near my home town. I left Beijing after 4 years in April 2017.


Swimming is one of my favorite sports. There is a standard swimming pool in JiangNan Gymnasium near my apartment. I swim here every weekend. I improved my free swimming, slow and relax is a good feeling for me.

My Girlfriend

I met a girl named Lizzy not Lizy in Aug. 2017 and then I have my girlfriend. We love and play with each other. We look after each other.

Machine Learning

I like machine learning in 2017, and I searched for lots of materials about machine learning after work. Something Andrew Ng, tensorflow, deep learning, CNN and so on. I started to learn it. And I started a project about house price prediction by machine learning. I used scrapy to spider the data, pandas to handle data, tensorflow as the machine learning framework. The data comes from lianjia. And then I wrote a PPT about the project.

H5 Game

Under the influence of XiongJie, I started to try to develop games In Nov. 2017. I post a game named Circle Jumper on Facebook Instant Game platform in Nov. 2018. As a front-end developer, it is easier to develop a game by using H5 technology. Unity 3d, three.js and Phaser 3. I touched some H5 game development framework. It's interesting. I am interested in English during developing H5 game.


I married with Lizzy in Jan 18, 2019. The trip is more than 1000km. It's too long and not easy. And now, Lizzy is my wife.

English Changing

I start learning English after development Circle Jumper about Nov. 2018. To improve my English, I Memorize top 3000 words every day, listen VOA every day, use Facebook and Messager, practice pronunciation. Learning keys are very important. It can quickly improvment. I can read technical articles more easy. I can find new method every a few days. My phone language was set English. I play facebook, Messager, Youtube, and so on.

My Work

During the two years, as a front-end developer, I participate in more than ten company projects and lead four projects, leading the machine learning platform front-end development in 2018. In addition, I develop a tool by the shell for front-end build in 2017, I love and improve it. It improves building efficiency and makes us more focus on business development. I read lots of good articles about javascript in free time.

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