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DOMContentLoaded Callback and ComponentDidMount Execute Order

Between ComponentDidMount and the Callback of DOMContentLoaded, Which is the Firstly Execute? Here is the snippet code below.

Creativity is the Future Direction

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I liked playing magnet when I was a child. It trained my brain - creativity that is one of my values. With machine and deep learning or other brilliant technology development, making stuff to be easy in the future. The most important is the idea and creativity.

Understanding The Error ‘Converting circular structure to JSON’

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Sometimes, we use JSON.stringify method to convert an Array or Object to a standard JSON string. Yes, It may occur when you do that convert. It’s a JavaScript error.

Simply and Easily Understanding Function Call Stack by a Vision

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I shared content about Javascript event loop and task queue on 1st March to my colleagues. one of these colleagues asked me what is call stack. I give an example by blackboard as my explanation. But I thought I should give an animation to understand how to call stack run. So I start writing this article.

Some Good Javascript Articles I Have Read (updating)

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I've read lots of articles and I like to write an article too. I think a good article is simple, easy understanding. Some of the good javascript articles I have read are below. I think these articles could help you to understand javascript.

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