Prerequisites and Prework - Facebook Instant Game 1


About me in instant game

It is my first time to write an article with English. I have developed two H5 games on the Facebook game platform. One is Down The Stairs that the most number of players is 15k/month. Another is Circle Jumper. I will share some experience of developing the Facebook instant game.

Facebook instant game Introduction

The Facebook instant game is a platform that business and individual developers can release their H5 game.

The players can find your game on News Feed, Messenger, Facebook App or desktops. You can Earn money through advertising platforms (Audience Network), but you'd better have a good idea. You can update and A/B test your game. The Players can share or invite their friends to play.


To develop an instant game, I recommend that you meet the following prerequisites:

Front-end development technology: Javascript, HTML, CSS, canvas.

H5 game development framework: 2dkit, Phaser, BabylonJS, Cocos Creator and so on.

Design skill: Photoshop and so on. It’s not necessary if you have a designer.

Code version management tool: git or svn. It’s not necessary. I am using gitlab because of it’s free.

Instant Game SDK: Learn about Facebook Instant Game SDK. The Latest version is v6.2.

Don’t worry about the H5 game framework, you can learn from the framework examples or the official documentation.

My study materials

I am a 6-year front-end developer. I spent about 2 months learning the Phaser 3 framework and then released my 2 games after work. As a front-end developer, remember, don't learn the game framework in detail if you want quickly release your game.

Phaser 3 document:

Phaser 3 example: , you can search by keys

HTML5 Cross Platform Game Development Using Phaser 3:


You must have an Apple Developer account because the platform needs.

You must have a Facebook developer account.

You need a VPN if you are in China.

If you have any thoughts and ideas about this tutorial, you can email me . Hope this article can help you.

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